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“Our objective is to provide the best possible service, consistently, to every part of the coffee trade; growers, shippers, suppliers, roasters and processors."

Ian Breminer
Executive Chairman


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Other Associations

  • London Chamber of Commerce
  • British & Colombian Chamber of Commerce
  • Anglo- Colombian Society

Complete Coffee Ltd. (CCL) is a green (raw) and soluble (instant) coffee merchant and aims for a 'one-stop shop' approach for its customers.

CCL celebrated 85 years' service to the international coffee trade and industry in 2014. It trades via two trading divisions, “Ridge & Breminer” and “Priory Tea & Coffee” buying direct from growers in South America, Africa, India and Asia and selling to roasters, retailers, packers, food service and vending companies throughout the UK, Europe and other parts of the world.

CCL buys its raw commodity, Green Coffee Beans, from a large number of the main origin countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Vietnam and India and is increasingly focused on the certification requirements associated with the sustainable sourcing of coffee e.g. Fairtrade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ. 

Product sourcing, development, service and final delivery is a key part of the current CCL strategy and a key aspect of its competitive advantage. The company works to build value at origin for the farmers as well as to enhance value for its customers.

Soluble Coffee has become increasingly important for the company. CCL works with carefully chosen excellent origin manufacturers to produce the best coffees for shipment either in bulk or ready for retail or, where requested working with expert partners to pack in European countries. The end-users are vending operators, out of home (HORECA) suppliers or, of growing importance, European retailers, supplying them with their own private label products. In addition to private label, the company also works with brand holders.

CCL often plays a full role in developing these products on behalf of its customers, helping to determine the technical variables (such as origin, colour, flavour and bulk density), as well as advising on the design of packaging and other matters.

CCL is a member of Trace One, an e-system connecting retailers to manufacturers and suppliers to help product innovation and enable transparency and traceability for private label.

CCL has recently become the first coffee trading company to achieve the new Agent and Broker BRC accreditation, a further necessary step to ensure that we service our customers to the highest level possible.

The company has been working over the past two years with its manufacturers to source and develop new products for market, direct from origin, such as microground coffee, soluble chicory and coffee blends and cappuccino products.

Summing up, CCL's supply side is strong with suppliers in Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru), Asia (India, Indonesia and Vietnam) and Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda). The company is always on the look-out for new markets and new products.

The future of the Complete Coffee brand lies in further enhancing an already strong current market position primarily in the UK, but also in key markets in Europe and to expand its reputation and stake in new overseas markets.

If you think that we can help you then please contact us – we would be delighted to help

Ian Breminer
Executive Chairman

Mark Ayling
Managing Director


Mark Ayling

David Towler

Simon Mehegan

Nick Boxall

Jordan Smith

Adam Witcombe


Nick Boxall
HACCP Team Leader

Kristine Breminer


David Eagle
Finance Manager

Gary hunter

Richard Breminer

Monica Walters
Senior Accounts Administrator


Sean Murphy

Yolanda Neira
Ridge & Breminer Division

Emma Delgado


Leading Technology
Europe Limited


Complete Coffee becomes the first coffee trader to attain the BRC Standard for Agents and Brokers 

Introduced in 2014, the Global Standard for Agents and Brokers provides essential certification for companies that provide purchase, importation or product distribution services in the food and/or packaging supply chain. Agents and brokers provide a critical link in the movement and trade of products, and influence supplier product safety and quality standards, as well as being responsible for maintaining an effective chain of traceability. This Global Standard, therefore, is designed to promote best practice on product safety, quality and the operational criteria required to fulfil obligations with regard to legal compliance and consumer protection.

Our Coffee Technical Manager, Nick Boxall, has vast experience in this field and leads a HACCP Team, including two Directors, who are responsible for ensuring that the Company continues to improve in every field which has a bearing on quality and safety of products.

We carry out regular independent testing on our Soluble products including OTA, AFCASOLE and Pesticide Residue Levels. We also ensure that our manufacturers are kept up to date with all European legislation and developments in fields such as Acrylamide and Furan and any other matters which may arise.

We can undertake OTA testing on Green coffee as well even though it is not a legal requirement.

Green Coffee

Central And South American Origins Including

Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico

East And West African Including

Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ivory Coast, D.R of Congo, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Rwanda

Far East Including

India, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Timor, Vietnam

Gourmet Origins

Galapagos, Jamaica, Australia, Puerto Rico.


Fairtrade. Rainforest Alliance Certified™. UTZ Certified . Single Farm. Organic. Dual Certificate. Triple Certificate


Fairtrade, Washed, Semi-Washed, Regional Coffees -EG Cerrado, Mogiana etc


World famous Harar Brand of Boldgrain and Longberry, Washed Limu, Bebeka and Yirgacheffe


Balekola Estate, Indian Tribals Fairtrade, Monsooned Coffees, Nuggets, Organic


Single Farm -Villa Rica, Fairtrade, Organic, Dual certificate


Fairtrade Robusta


UTZ Certified Robusta

Sustainable & Certified

For more Information on Colombian Sustainable And Certified Coffees Please Click here: www.cafedecolombia.com/cespeciales

Decaffeinated Coffees

We are pleased to offer our customers the decaffeinating method of their choice. Whether it is a question of cost or the need to decaffeinate a specialty organic coffee with a water process, we have the answer.


  • METHYLENE CHLORIDE – any origin
  • ETHYL ACETATE – Colombian Coffee
  • CO2 – any origin

  • This process enables the green coffees not only to maintain their inherent characteristics but in many cases, to enhance them.


Soluble Coffee


  • Spray
  • Agglomerated
  • Freeze dried
  • Freeze extract
  • Microground coffee (Roasted Instant)

*Subject to minimum orders

Available Varieties Include

  • Standard
  • Standard Decaffeinated
  • Fairtrade
  • Fairtrade Decaffeinated
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Organic
  • Organic Fairtrade
  • Single Estate*


Bulk Shipments

  • Cartons 20 – 45 Kgs
  • Tote Bags of 350 – 500 Kgs

Brands & Private Label

  • Packaging weights from 2g -1Kg
  • Types of packaging include jars, sticks, sachets and pouches.


  • Spray
  • Agglomerated
  • Freeze dried
  • Freeze extract

Available Varieties Include

  • Fairtrade
  • Decaffeinated
  • Organic
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Dual and Triple Certified


Bulk Shipments

  • Cartons 20 – 45 Kgs

Brands & Private Label

  • Packaging weights from 2g -1Kg
  • Types of packaging include jars, sachets, pouches, tins
  • 3 IN 1 - Standard, Increased Strength, Reduced Sugar, Flavoured
  • 2 IN 1 - Coffee + Non-Dairy Creamer
  • Cappuccinos - Standard, Flavoured
  • 100% pure Chicory and Chicory/Coffee Blends

The above supplied in brand, private label & bulk. Types of packaging range from 12g sachets to 25kg cartons.

Instant coffee + Non-Dairy Creamer + Sugar = 3 in 1



  • Freeze dried


  • Bulk and Retail packs


  • Spray and Agglomerated in Bulk

Company History

Complete Coffee Limited can look back on more than 87 successful years trading as coffee merchants and dealers. Originally founded as Alan J.Ridge & Co. Ltd in 1929, the Company has evolved in response to the changing needs of the International Coffee Market.

Key dates in our development

Mr. Alan Ridge

Mr. Alfred Newman and Mr. Ernest Breminer


1929 Alan Ridge founded Alan J. Ridge & Co. Ltd. in London.


1938 Ernest Breminer arrived from Prague and continued working as a coffee agent in London after setting up Ernest A Breminer Ltd.


1943, 8th March Ernest Breminer acquired Alan J. Ridge & Co. Ltd. The two companies traded side by side until 1988.


1947 Alan J. Ridge & Co. Ltd appointed UK Agents for Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia (FNC).


1974 Alan J. Ridge & Co. Ltd became an Authorised Floor Member of the Coffee Terminal Market Association of London.


The 'Priory' Tea & Coffee Company Ltd. originally established in 1898, was brought into the group.


Alan J. Ridge & Co Ltd and Ernest A. Breminer Ltd. formally merged to become one entity: Alan J. Ridge & Breminer Ltd.


1993 Ian Breminer elected Chairman of the Coffee Trade Federation Ltd., UK


1994 Ian Breminer elected Chairman of CECA (Committee of European Coffee Associations)


1996 Ian Breminer awarded ‘Coffee Man of the Year’ by Tea & Coffee Trade Journal USA


1998 Ian Breminer re-elected Chairman of CECA for a further 2year period


Celebrated 70 years of service to the coffee industry.


2001 Ian Breminer Awarded ‘Medalla de Merito Cafetero ‘Manuel Mejia’’ for services to the Colombian Coffee Industry


2005 Complete Coffee won their category at the British & Colombian Social Awards for a British company developing, or involved in, business relationships with Colombia, or with Colombian companies.


2006 Ian Breminer elected Chairman of The British and Colombian Chamber of Commerce


Complete Coffee celebrated the 80th Anniversary of FNC and 60 years of service to the Colombian coffee industry in the UK.


2009 Ian Breminer re-elected Chairman of The British and Colombian Chamber of Commerce


2014 Complete Coffee celebrated their 85th Anniversary


2015 Kristine Breminer Isgren elected Chairman of the British Coffee Association


2016 Complete Coffee became the first coffee trading company to become certified under the BRC Agents and Brokers accreditation.



Complete Coffee is looking forward to exhibit at the first European Coffee Expo being held at Olympia, London on 22nd and 23rd May 2018.

We will be featuring both Green and Soluble Coffee products with some Specialties, including the fine Colombian coffee served at the Buckingham Palace Banquet held in November 2016, hosted by her Majesty the Queen, in honour of The President of the Republic of Colombia, His Excellency President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón.

Other products on show will be some of our Microground coffees and Chicory/Coffee Blends.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Stand E15

For more information please go to http://www.europeancoffeeexpo.com/


For more information on the Q Coffee System please visit http://www.coffeeinstitute.org

Please Click Here to view the Certificate.


Complete Coffee retain BRC Agents and Brokers Certification after the January 2018 audit.

Contact Us


Corinthian House, Lansdowne Road, Croydon. CR0 2BX


Trading & Administration: +44 207 403 8787
Finance Department: +44 207 403 0841


Trading & Administration: +44 207 403 6161
Finance Department: +44 207 403 0841