Frequently Asked Questions

Have a burning question? You can always get in touch, but you may find what you are looking for in our FAQs, below!


We keep a diverse range of coffees in the following bonded and licensed warehouses:

Antwerp, Belgium -  Pacorini

Tilbury, UK -  AGC Commodity Store

Dubai, UAE – Dubai Multi Commodity Centre

For the exact addresses at which to load your coffees, please contact us.

Yes, we can.

Our team is diverse and comes to coffee from a multitude of backgrounds. This diversity is our strength. We make few assumptions, we constantly question and strive to improve.

We can provide advice on a wide range of issues in roasting, from troubleshooting profiles to finding an engineer to fix your roaster.  With our experience and wide network at origin, we can also help you plan your coffee supply for the next few months, the year, or well into the future.

We have first-hand knowledge of a variety of different coffee communities and markets across the Europe, Middle East and North Africa regions. Our experience and insight are at your service when planning for profitability and success.

Customer Service is one of our top priorities, and what we don’t know, we can help you find out!

Quality Control & Lab

Complete Coffee have rigorous quality standards. Every coffee we purchase is selected on the basis of cup quality.

Our coffees are always assessed and approved by our experienced cupping team and in-house Q graders. We buy coffee from trusted partners (very often from our own, vertically integrated supply chain), and we cup each coffee multiple times before it ships and upon arrival.

In addition to assessing cup quality, we maintain strict SCA standards for green assessment. Our lab analyzes each coffee’s moisture content, water activity, and density upon arrival.

Quality is always checked against the quality specified in the contract (i.e. screen distribution and defect count). This is not only to ensure you of the coffee quality but also to perform a Critical Control Points analysis for our OTA risk management procedure. 

We follow SCA standards for both defect and cup quality. Each of our coffees is given a cup score and a cup description for your reference.

Ethics & Sustainablity

We are fully committed to the highest ethical standards across our partner supply chains and within our own company. We strive to be transparent and equitable in all our relationships with both suppliers and clients.

All of our suppliers must comply with international and national laws and standards in relation to labor practices and human rights, including slavery and human trafficking legislation. We do not tolerate child labor or any practice that limits childhood development. Suppliers must ensure that all wages and labor practices meet local minimum wage requirements.

As part of the Sucafina Group, Complete Coffee fully supports the Swiss commodity sector guidance on implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. You can see the full policy here.

Equally, we are committed to supplying a safe, equitable and nurturing workplace for all our employees, and we expect the same of our clients.

For as many of our coffees as possible, we supply full traceability information down to the farmer. For each purchase, we require detailed information regarding the coffee itself (variety, detailed processing methods, etc) and about agricultural and labor practices on the farms from which we source. We visit our suppliers and these farms globally on a regular basis.

In cases where we have doubts about whether a supplier shares our values - commitment to human rights, environmental stewardship, social welfare and innovation – we will share these doubts and, if required, cease to continue to work with them.

Of course. We feature Rainforest Alliance/Utz Certified, Fair Trade, Fair Trade Organic and Organic coffees as core components of our regular coffee offerings.

Our commitment to sustainability is not limited to certification compliance.  Sustainability is at the core of who we are as a company, from offering better farm gate pricing for farmers through to helping farmers improve soil fertility and improve yields.


A coffee contract is a legally binding document that lists the rights and obligations of each party. You have received a contract for two reasons: first, to enable you to double check that what your ordered (origin, quality, quantity, price, delivery terms, credit terms,etc.) has been correctly processed by us; second, so that you know your rights and your obligations when you order coffee.

It is important to read and return a signed copy of the contract after you receive it.  Under our general conditions, the contract is deemed correct and valid 24 hours after it is sent to you, so please let us know immediately if you have any questions or concerns.

You can change your order as long as no invoice and no customs formalities have been issued and only if your order has not already been prepared on a pallet.

Once an order has been translated to a contract, cancellation is only at the discretion of Complete Coffee management.   Our friendly staff are happy to help talk you through the best options for your roasting requirements before contracting anything.